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Carbon heating bench



Carbon-heating bench

The Carbon-heating bench is a carbon heating element with excellent thermal conductivity and durability. It consumes less power while generating the same amount of heat as conventional benches using nickel chromium wires.

Expected effect

· Provide warm facilities that are effective for the cold vulnerable (elderly, children, and pregnant women)

· Improving civic welfare and realizing a high-quality creative economy.

· Create a warm space when using public transportation (e.g., bus, subway, railroad, etc.) in the winter.

· Improving civic culture by improving the quality of life.

IoT Remote Control System


Temperature and time timer

Timers and internal and external temperature detection sensors are attached so that administrators can manually operate them.

Power consumption

Reduce electricity bills and prevent unnecessary waste of electricity with low power consumption.

Wireless charging

Smartphone can be charged wirelessly.

Carbon heating element

Increase in user satisfaction by using carbon heating element as a heat source.

Product comparison

IoT Remote Control System

Real-time monitoring and remote control central management systems such as automatic on/off function, temperature control, and system inspection of installed products are built using the remote control system LTE network.​ Rapid maintenance system operation with immediate situation identification and active maintenance in case of damage (optional)


Remote Control System​

Manager monitoring

AS inspection

Temperature control

Response immediately after failure

Installation location information

Main installation location

Main installation location

자산 2@2x.png


Bus stop

자산 5@2x.png



자산 8@2x.png


Traditional market

자산 3@2x.png


Gate ball park

자산 6@2x.png


Ice rink

자산 9@2x.png



자산 4@2x.png


Railway station

자산 7@2x.png


Roof top

자산 10@2x.png

야외 흡연실

Outdoor smoking room

Around 4,000 units nationwide (as of 2019)

Examples of major installation locations

Depending on the characteristics of the place and space, it can be designed and manufactured in various forms such as circular and semicircular shapes.

자산 19@2x.png

▲ Bus stop

자산 11@2x.png

▲ Roof top

자산 12@2x.png

▲ Park

자산 13@2x.png

▲ Sqaure

Major installation status
자산 14@2x.png

▲ subway station

자산 15@2x.png

▲ Terminal

Major installation status

At the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, a carbon heating bench was installed in the VIP seats of the Olympic Stadium to warm up the Pyeongchang Olympics. While providing warm facilities to citizens, it improved the quality of life of citizens such as the cold weak (elderly, children, pregnant women).

자산 16@2x.png
자산 17@2x.png

A carbon heating bench installed in VIP seats at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics

자산 18@2x.png

Installation of a carbon heating bench at a taxi stand in front of the Muju-gun County Office

자산 19@2x.png

▲ installation of carbon heating bench at Yongin-si Cheoin-gu Office

자산 20@2x.png

▲ Installation of 'Hangul' carbon heating bench at the annex of Yeoju City Hall in Gyeonggi-do

자산 21@2x.png

▲ Installation of carbon heating bench at Buan-gun Station to Terminal Bus Stand Backrest 

Concluded overseas export contract

Concluded overseas export contract

We signed an export contract with Decrix, France, and installed a carbon heating bench on the bus platform in Luz Saint Sauveur, France.

자산 23@2x.png

▲ Excerpt from a French newspaper article

자산 22@2x.png

▲ Carbon heating bench at the bus platform in France

Participated in various exhibitions

Participated in various exhibitions

자산 24@2x.png

▲ Chinese Multi-Material Fair

자산 25@2x.png

▲ 'Scolkovo' exhibition in Russia

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