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Certificate of completion of registration suitable for broadcasting and communication equipment, etc.

Jeonju designated as a global star company

Awarded for the Public Procurement Service Award

Designated as a promising company (G-PASS company) to enter the overseas procurement market

Awarded for Best Small and Medium Business Award

Recognition of a company annex research institute

Certification of excellent design for public facilities in Gyeonggi-do/Chungnam

Jeonju's best product certification

KC certification for carbon heating cushions

Designated as a carbon star company

European, American, and overseas patent applications

Delivery of carbon heating cushions for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics & Paralympics.

Confirmation of the Defense Venture Agreement Company

Designated as a leap forward company in Jeollabuk-do

Russian patent registration

KOTRA France Paris, Russia, Moscow, is undergoing localization

Selection of 10 patents for commercialization in Jeonbuk (Carbon-heating bench)

Carbon heating element - Snow Melting System Performance Certification

Registration for electrical construction business

Designation of excellent procurement products (Procurement Service): Carbon thermal bench (No. 2015203)

KC certification for USB Carbon Fever Cushion

Jeonju Commendation Certificate (Gong contributing to the development of the carbon industry)

Jeonbuk 10th International Carbon Festival Award

Carbon heating element far-infrared ray test report

Designated as a venture company (No. 20140100777)

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification

Establishment of Pitch Cable Co., Ltd.

Q마크 인증

방송통신 기자재등의 적합필증

혁신제품 인증, K마크 인증

전북 스타기업 지정, 글로벌 IP스타기업

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