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who we are

Harmony Between Technology, People,
And City Environment.

Welcome to Pitchcable Inc.

I am happy to introduce my company to you all.

Pitchcable Inc. was established in 2013 by our parent company "KoreaCTS" to focus on developing carbon fiber products.

 Based on a well-developed management system supported by KoreaCTS.

Pitchcable Inc. is growing quickly and extending its business range every year.


 As a CEO of this company, I promise to strive and to encourage competent people to improve product quality and contribute to the advancement of future technology for people's well-being.


Thank you. 

Company History



2014.   Developed and supplied carbon fiber heating bench for the first time in S.Korea. 

            Started to supply snow melting system on the road.


2013.  PITCHCABLE inc. established 

           PITCHCABLE was awarded as a Prospective firm in Jeon-Ra-Book-Do (Province). 


2012.  Established factory in Gun-San City.

           Awarded as "IP star" from the Small and Medium Business Administration.


2010.  Awarded as an excellent product.

           Got certification of innovative technology for traffic light pole from Korea Land Corporation.


2009.  Certified from Korea Foundation for Quality (K-Mark) for traffic light pole.


2008. Establishing company lab / Build new factory and move due to expansion.


2007. Awarded as excellent company and prospective firm from  

         KIPA (Korea Invention Promotion Association)


2005. Certified as design venture company. 


2004. Established ISO 9001 and 14001 quality control system. 


2002. Joined Korean industrial design 


2000. Established the factory and joined Korean metal-working industry union.


1998. Established product development department and design development department. 


1997. Joined Korean professional constructor union 


1996. Licensed for professional constructor (metal door and window industry)

1995. Established Korea CTS Inc.




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